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Dental Implants Ponchatoula, Louisiana

Dental Implants Shreveport & Bossier CityFor teeth that have been compromised by or lost due to injury, trauma, heavy wear, or poor care, dental implants are the answer. Dr. Gregg May will make sure that your implant procedure is as comfortable as possible. Dental implants can provide you with a flawless smile, filling in the holes left by missing teeth and rebuilding the basic structure of your jaw. Missing teeth can be detrimental to the rest of your smile, as neighboring teeth tend to shift toward the gaps. Furthermore, replacing missing teeth is essential to reducing your risk of gum disease.

If you have missing teeth and are looking to make over your smile, Dr. May can provide the services you need. Our team along with Dr. May are highly trained, and our friendly office staff is here to give you something to smile about. Please contact us today to learn more about dental implants.


Understanding the Procedure

Preservation of the jawbone and prevention of bone deterioration are two major benefits of replacing lost teeth with dental implants. Lost teeth can cause major long-term general and oral health problems, so it is incredibly important to replace these teeth as soon as possible. Dental implants are designed to connect directly to your jaw and become the foundation for a natural-looking restoration. A titanium screw is inserted into the area where the tooth root is missing, and your gums are folded around the appliance in order to create a natural-looking bond between implant and gum. Osseointegration (the fusing of the implant to the bone) occurs over a period of three to six months. During this time, temporary dental crowns or dental bridges will be worn to maintain the aesthetics of your smile.

When The Dental Implants Have Healed

Once the implants have healed into place, you will return to our office for the placement of your restorations. Dental implants can be used to support individual crowns, a dental bridge, or even a full set of dentures. Because these restorations are attached to the implants below the gum line, the results will appear more natural than those possible with restorations that rest on the gums. Likewise, they will function more naturally, as the entire structure of the missing tooth is replaced, from root to crown. With proper care, dental implants can provide decades of stability and support for your restorations, allowing you to chew, speak, and smile as you would with your own natural teeth.

Although dental implants are not at risk for cavities, post-operative care is vital to maintaining your new smile. Brushing and flossing at least twice a day will keep plaque from building up along your gum line and causing gum disease. Routine checkups with one of our doctors are also a fundamental aspect of preventive care, so we urge you to meet with us for a follow-up appointment during which we will take the opportunity to assess the health of your mouth and its adaptation to your implants.


Learn More about Dental Implants

Dental implants are natural-looking restorations that can revitalize the beauty of your smile, improving your confidence and your appearance. We want you to trust that our dentists value the power of such a change and will take great care to help you reach your goals. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation for dental implants.

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