Dental Crowns Solve Many Problems (Video)

If there was an award for MVDR (most valuable dental restoration ), it just might go to dental crowns. We use crowns often at Deep South Family Dentistry because they are good for so many different purposes.

Dental crowns repair many kinds of dental damage, including cracked teeth and broken teeth. They can also be used to conceal cosmetic issues such as stained teeth and misshapen teeth. When a single crown is attached to a single dental implant, it can replace one missing tooth. Crowns can also be used to support a dental bridge, to replace several missing teeth.

Watch this video from the American Dental Association for more information on dental crowns. Then, if you think you’d benefit from this restoration, call Deep South Family Dentistry in Metairie, LA at 504-291-0042 or in Ponchatoula, LA at 985-268-1112.

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