Eliminate Metal in Your Mouth With Composite Fillings (Video)

At Deep South Family Dentistry we use composite fillings instead of metal fillings. They’re better for your smile’s appearance – and for your long-term health too.

Since they are made of tooth-colored composite, they blend seamlessly into your smile. We also don’t have to remove as much healthy structure to place composite fillings. Unlike fillings made of amalgam (a blend of metals), they don’t contain any mercury. While the FDA has signed off on the use of mercury in metal fillings as OK for adults, we think it’s best to avoid the use of mercury whenever possible.

Watch this video from the American Dental Association for more information on composite fillings. Then call us at one of our two locations if you have any questions: 504-291-0042 ( Metairie, LA ) or 985-268-1112 ( Ponchatoula, LA ).

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