Save Infected Teeth With Root Canals in Metairie

Root canals in Metairie are probably one of the most dreaded procedures among our patients. In reality, though, there’s no need to worry about this common treatment. Dr. Gregg May has performed countless root canal procedures in his 18 years as a dentist. He also uses the latest treatment techniques, thanks to the 3,400-plus hours of continuing education he has completed.

Your root canal therapy will:

  • Allow you to keep teeth threatened by infection
  • Avoid an extraction procedure
  • Prevent infection from spreading
  • Most important, relieve your pain

If you have a toothache, call us ASAP at 504-291-0042 to see if you need a root canal. If you contact us after hours, your emergency call will be routed to Dr. May.

Keeping a Tooth Intact Is Usually Preferable to Removing It

If infection gets into the soft center of your tooth, the usual two treatment options are a root canal procedure or an extraction. Dr. May will review both choices with you so you can make the best decision for your situation.

In general, though, keeping your tooth intact with root canal therapy is:

  • Less Costly – While a root canal procedure costs more than an extraction, it will leave you without a tooth. If you replace it – and we highly recommend you do – the total cost will likely exceed the cost of a root canal.
  • An Easier Recovery – Unlike an extraction, there’s no bleeding with a root canal. You should experience little, if any, discomfort. You won’t need to change your diet or oral hygiene routine in the days following your procedure.
  • Better for Your Oral Health – Since your tooth roots remain in place after a root canal, you won’t experience the bone loss that occurs after a tooth is removed.

Stay Comfortable During Root Canal Therapy

As with any procedure in our office, you can relax with soothing amenities like a blanket and headphones. After your procedure, we’ll offer you a warm, lavender-scented towel. If you’re nervous or worried about discomfort, you can choose from two forms of safe dental sedation.

Root canals in Metairie are no big deal! Call 504-291-0042 to see if you need one.

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