Stop Nagging Jaw Pain With TMJ Treatment in Ponchatoula

For something you may never have heard of unless you’ve studied anatomy, your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) can cause a lot of problems. Your TMJ connect your jaw to your skull. If your TMJ and the muscles around them become inflamed or irritated, it can cause serious pain that makes it difficult to eat or sleep. Fortunately, we offer several kinds of TMJ treatment in Ponchatoula that will:

  • Relieve your jaw pain
  • Keep pain from spreading elsewhere in your body
  • Alleviate related symptoms like chronic headaches and earaches
  • Stop a destructive teeth grinding habit

If you think you might have a TMJ disorder (TMD), call 985-268-1112.

Relieve TMJ Pain With Several Kinds of Treatment

Many dentists will fit you for a nightguard, a custom-made mouthguard you wear while sleeping that prevents you from grinding your teeth (bruxism). This treatment can relieve TMD symptoms, which is why we offer it. But it may not be enough on its own to end your TMJ pain.

Dr. Gregg May also offers:

  • Advice on Relaxation Techniques – TMJ disorders can be caused or worsened by stress, so exercises that ease the tension in your jaw can help.
  • Muscle Relaxants – For more severe cases of TMD, we can prescribe muscle relaxants.
  • Disclusion Time Reduction (DTR) – This treatment involves using tools to analyze how your teeth fit together while biting and chewing. Our tools help determine the forces and balance used during these activities. If adjustments are needed, we can remove small amounts of enamel from teeth and/or add composite or other materials. The goal is to give you a well-balanced bite.

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

A painful or tender jaw is the primary symptom of a TMJ disorder, but it’s not the only one. You may experience other symptoms too. Call us ASAP if you’ve got these symptoms:

  • Difficulty and/or pain while chewing
  • Chronic headaches
  • Unexplained earaches
  • Facial swelling, especially near your jaw
  • Joint that locks, making it hard to open or close your mouth

For TMJ treatment in Ponchatoula, LA, call 985-268-1112.

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